Keynote Presentation Overview

12 February 2019

Balance for Better is 2019’s International Women’s Day theme. Jade Collins will share how better gender balance in leadership, creates better balance in the resources sector, our workplaces, homes and communities. Balance that not only helps society, but the profitability and productivity of the companies we work for.

As a resources professional, in 2016 Jade’s innate curiosity and passion for diversity and inclusion took her down a different path. Jade read that the female economy is worth $28 Trillion globally. So, Jade created Femeconomy. a site that empowers female consumers to support companies and brands who have an identifiable commitment to female representation.

In her keynote presentation, Jade will share lessons from her experience of driving gender diversity in the resources industry, including how to enlist the support of your own senior leaders to drive meaningful change, and how to communicate the compelling business case for your own workplace.

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