Diversity and inclusion

At AusIMM we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive resources sector that fosters the support needed for every professional, regardless of gender, to succeed.

AusIMM has a proud history of supporting women in the resources sector through our Women in Mining Network (WIMnet). This commitment to diversity has been reinforced through the creation of AusIMM’s Council for Diversity and Inclusion and our annual Women in Mining Survey which is launched each year during our International Women’s Day event series.

In 2018, there were 21,962 women working in the Australian mining sector, a number which has been steadily increasing each year. Whilst there is progress and momentum with an increase of women in management roles and a reduction in the gender pay gap, we must maintain this trajectory and continuously encourage change.

Participate in an event in a capital city near you as we continue the important conversation on the contribution of women to the industry and the need for better female participation, experiences and success.

AusIMM launched its International Women’s Day event series in 2019, hosting over 700 attendees in three states to accelerate the discussion of gender-balance in the resources sector. In 2019, the Series attracted mining executives, industry leaders, technical and business professionals, as well as representatives from government.

700+ attendees

84% of attendees were women

36 corporate tables